Do Super Compactors Work On Pig Minions?

How do you unlock the compactor on Hypixel?

Well-Known Member Go into your collections menu and select cobblestone, they’ll be in there..

Is Diamond spreading good Hypixel?

Well-Known Member No. Diamond spreading gives you a diamond in addition to producing the regular amount of mats. It doesn’t replace generated obsidian with diamonds, making it a positive impact in pretty much every situation, unless it fills your minion storage.

What does the personal compactor 4000 do?

that automatically converts certain materials in the inventory into their enchanted form, similar to the Super Compactor 3000. It saves time crafting when grinding large quantities of items, like Wood, Crops, or Ender Pearls.

Are clay minions good for money?

Yes, they still make good money but minions that are high in the bazaar right now can make more such as gold. Clay gets you 1.2 mill per day with 24 slots and ench lava bucket. There are well over 5 minions that get you over 3 mill per day, and the maximum you can get is 6.2 mill per day.

How do you get Diamond spread?

Crafting. Diamond Spreading requires 1 Enchanted Diamond and 8 Vines to craft. Each enchanted diamond is equal to 160 Diamonds.

How much money does a snow minion make a day?

Well-Known Member. Around 107 enchanted snow per day and around 43 enchanted diamonds per day, with no fuel. Scaled up, that means 132 enchanted snow and 53 enchanted diamonds on a daily basis.

How much do tier 11 snow minions make?

A tier 11 clay minion makes 40,500/day with diamond spreading.

What does a compactor do?

A compactor is a machine or mechanism used to reduce the size of material such as waste material or bio mass through compaction. A trash compactor is often used by a home or business to reduce the volume of trash it produces.

How much cobblestone does it take to make a super compactor?

First things first you need to unlock Cobblestone collection 9 and redstone collection 8. Second, the recipe – it takes 6 stacks of enchanted cobblestone and 1 enchanted redstone block.

What does a super compactor do in Hypixel skyblock?

It turns minion stuff into their enchanted form once it has enough resources.

Does super compactor work on snow minion?

However, using Super Compactors will allow the minion to fill up much slower, as using Compactors overnight will often result in a full minion by morning. Also, if you decide to use Super Compactor, remember to only take out the enchanted snow and NOT the snowballs, otherwise your inventory will fill up very fast.

How can I get super compactor 3000 Fast?

TipsPut the Super Compactor 3000 inside a Cobblestone Minion to make Compactors faster.If a new player is trying to get the Super Compactor 3000, it is recommended to get the Miner’s Outfit set (Permanent.

How do you make a budget hopper?

The recipe is unlocked by reaching Iron Ingot V . Craft it similar to a normal hopper, but with Enchanted Iron instead. A total of 12.50 stacks of iron (800.00 Raw Iron) is required to craft 5 enchanted iron for the budget hopper. If all the iron is bought from the Mine Merchant, it would cost 4400 coins to craft.

How much money does a snow minion make?

1 snow minion gives 7.5k mining XP per day, and you can turn that inti 9.0k using the mining XP III pot. So in total, per day you can earn 180k mining XP which is around 2.5 hours of mining cobblestone.

Can fishing minions get Clay?

Bazaar Clay is a Common item that is obtained primarily through Fishing (not to be confused with the Fishing Minion).