Question: Does Wolverine Have A Love Interest?

Did Beast and Mystique have a baby?

Graydon Creed, a normal human, son of Mystique and Sabretooth!.

Did Wolverine kill Jean Gray?

Her name was Jean Grey.” Then, after several beats, Xavier adds, “He killed her.” Brutal. A stunned, clearly irritated Logan tries to laugh Xavier’s comments off as a senior moment. Logan of course did kill his love interest Jean in an effort to save her after she became the Phoenix in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand.

Who has Wolverine slept with?

Well, here’s an honest attempt at a list of marvel women Wolverine has had sex with: Silver Fox Viper (I read that he married her (not by choice?) and I’m assuming they consummated the marriage) The Native Mystique Mariko YashidaYukio AtsukoSeraph Domino Black Cat (they had a team up, in both senses of the word) …

Could Wolverine kill the Hulk?

version of things, yes, Wolverine CAN indeed kill the Hulk (even if it does cause the death of him and Magneto as well).

Do Storm and Wolverine get together?

For her part, Storm may considered a goddess, but there’s a wild side to her nature that she quite enjoys indulging on occasion. The two finally got together during Jason Aaron’s Wolverine & the X-Men run, and they had some good times together, but the romance came to an abrupt end when Wolverine died.

Does Jean Love Scott or Logan?

– Jean is attracted to Logan, but still loves Scott — cue love triangle and Wolvie/Cyke rivalry. – Years go by. Jean and Logan have brief flirtations(and some kisses), but she never cheats on Scott. – Jean and Scott’s marriage starts to deteriorate.

Did mystique really die?

Mystique is someone who in our universe has been part of the X-Men and has been part of Magneto’s world. Her death impacts literally everybody. Yeah, she straddles both universes. Mystique dies when Jean goes back to her childhood neighborhood and all hell breaks loose.

Does Wolverine love Mariko?

Mariko came from Clan Yashida, a family within the Yakuza. She was the daughter of Shingen Yashida and had ties to the criminal underworld. This didn’t stop Wolverine from falling in love with her and after their first meeting he gave her a chrysanthemum to remember him by.

Is Jean GREY in love with Wolverine?

Wolverine loves the forbidden, so the fact that Jean Grey was engaged to Wolverine’s rival and foil Cyclops only made the always rakish Wolverine burn hotter with desire. As Wolverine and Jean Grey grew closer, passion turned to admiration and Wolverine fell in deep love with his comrade-in-arms.

Is Jean GREY Wolverine’s wife?

After all these years, the X-Men’s Wolverine and Jean Grey are officially an item. The near-romance between Wolverine and Jean has been a constant fixture of X-Men comics since the Phoenix Saga, but the two have never officially hooked up.

Who killed Wolverine?

How did Wolverine die? In 2014’s Death of Wolverine event, Wolverine lost his healing factor and, following a series of events, was encased in adamantium, where he asphyxiated.

Can Magneto kill colossus?

Colossus can transform into complete metal form, his mutant power transforms him into a being composed of an “organic osmium alloy”, a super-dense metal with non-magnetic properties. … But colossus can resist it and fight against magneto.

Who is the love interest of Wolverine?

Mariko YashidaMariko Yashida in Uncanny X-Men #173. Art by Paul Smith. Mariko Yashida is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics as Wolverine’s romantic interest.

Who did Mystique have a baby with?

Mystique has at least two biological children: Nightcrawler, who she fathered with the demon Azazel, and the late anti-mutant campaigner Graydon Creed, who she fathered with Sabretooth. Mystique was also the adoptive mother to Rogue, taking her in when she ran away from home following the manifestation of her powers.

Did Mystique and Azazel have a baby?

Soon afterward, Mystique killed Christian and buried him because he suspected her betrayal. A few months later, Mystique gave birth to Nightcrawler.

Does Rogue have a crush on Wolverine?

In the movies, she was definitely infatuated with him. Jean even mentions to Logan at the end of X-Men that Rogue has a crush on him. … But when the X-Men were poisoned by Viper and the Silver Samurai, Rogue and Wolverine were the only ones who didn’t succumb and Rogue joined Wolverine in taking them down.

Can Thor kill Wolverine?

Thor has to use his control of lightning to blast some sense into Wolverine, flash-frying him! It’s just too bad for Wolverine that being knocked back to reality still required being blasted by lightning!

Can Wolverine kill Thanos?

So, in conclusion, Wolverine can totally take on Thanos without the infinity stones. Even if the fight happens with the stones, it’ll very difficult for Thanos to kill Wolverine but eventually, Thanos will win given that he has the most powerful weapon in the world.