Question: How Do I Edit An NX Step File?

What programs can open a STEP file?

Common CAD software tools that support STEP files include AutoCAD, Fusion, SolidWorks, OnShape, PTC Creo, CATIA and ArchiCAD.

A major reason for its popularity as a data exchange format is that it is an official international standard..

Can NX Open Creo files?

You can import NX part and assembly . prt files and export Creo parts and assemblies as NX . … You must explicitly select the Import option in the File Open dialog box to import NX part and assembly files because the File Open dialog box provides the Open option by default for NX models.

Can a step file be edited?

If you want to make changes to the . STEP file, you still can, even if you’ve used 3D Interconnect, but there are some extra steps involved. … STEP file without using 3D Interconnect. So if you’ve found that you can’t edit .

How do I import a STEP file into NX?

Importing STEP Data Directly into NXClick the Browse button and select the STEP file to import.Click OK to return to the import dialog.Set the options as desired for which object types are to be imported, which settings file to use, and what corrective operations are to be performed on the geometry before importing.

Can you modify a step file in SolidWorks?

You can edit only features that were created from an ACIS, Autodesk Inventor, IGES, Parasolid, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge, STEP, VDAFS, or VRML file.

What is a step file used for?

STEP file is a CAD file format, usually used to share 3D models between users with different CAD systems. CAD file interchangeability is a huge, huge headache in the field, so it has to be make uniform. Standard ISO 10303 is trying to solve this problem.

How do I convert a STEP file to part in Creo?

Click File > Open without a part or assembly open or Model > Get Data > Import with a part or assembly open. … Select click STEP (. … Select the STEP file you want to import on the list of available files or browse to find and then click the STEP file.Click Import to create or append the STEP file.More items…

How do I open a NX file in Solidworks?

To open a Unigraphics part or assembly:Click Open (Standard toolbar) or File > Open.In the dialog box, set Files of type to Unigraphics (*. prt), then click Options.In the Import Options dialog box, under General, select or clear: Import multiple bodies as parts. … Click OK.Browse to a file, and click Open.

How do I import a SolidWorks file into NX?

SolidWorks – STEP PostprocessorTo import a STEP file go to File -> Open… and select the file.Click on Options and the Import Options dialog box appears. … Surface/solid entities: import surface and solid entities.B-Rep mapping: import the model using boundary representation.More items…

How do you open a NX file?

Click File > Open. The File Open dialog box opens.Select NX File (*. prt) in the Type box. … Select an NX . … Select Import in the File Open dialog box. … If you do not want to retain the import profile in use, select an import profile from the Profile list. … Click OK in the Import New Model dialog box.

How do I create a STEP file?

HelpAt the Command prompt, enter STEPOUT.In the STEPOUT Translation dialog box, in the Files of type box, select *. ste,*. stp, or *. step.In the File Name box, specify the name of the STEP file.Click Save.