Question: Why Are Patents Rejected?

What if my patent is rejected?

If you have your patent denied, you have options.

You may still be able to get a patent for your invention.

The first option is to appeal the decision.

The second is to file a continuity application..

Is a rejection Another form of an objection?

Here’s the difference: A rejection is a definite “NO” – the prospect isn’t going to buy from you now, or ever. An objection is a “Maybe” – the prospect isn’t ready to buy because you haven’t overcome their concerns or addressed their pain points. They may just be busy or overwhelmed.

Can a provisional patent be rejected?

If the specification or drawings are not complete, the provisional patent application will not be useful or it may be rejected. However, a provisional patent can be filed without any prior art statement, oath, or informational disclosure.

Are rejected patent applications published?

After 12-months, a provisional patent application automatically becomes abandoned and therefore will never be published. Only a non-provisional patent application can be published by the U.S. Patent Office.